Private Water Supply

It is any water supply which is not provided by a water company and which is not considered to be a “mains supply”. Private water supplies can obtained from a variety of sources including springs, wells and boreholes. All private water supplies can present a risk to health unless they are properly managed.  Having drilled the borehole, water samples are taken and analysed. The results will show if any filtration equipment is required to ensure the water is safe to drink. It may not be possible to see whether your water supply is contaminated by its colour, taste or odour but at TWP we can test for contamination and treat any issues that might be present.

Commercial Water Supply

An Industrial borehole tends to be for farms /processing plants/breweries/factories/engineering/construction etc and normally require considerable quantities of water.

They can be used for livestock watering/irrigation/heat pumps/processing/production.

They range in size from 150mm diameter to 500mm diameter and can be in excess of 100 metres deep.

Due to the quantities of water involved many require abstraction licences, we are able to help with the application if required.

They may also require further development and test pumping to achieve the desired quantity of water, again we can help with this process.


T W Page and Son Ltd (the Company) is fully aware water is a precious commodity and its protection and management is integral to its business. Whether this is connecting customers to new sources of water, ensuring existing water supplies continue to comply with the high standards expected or investing in innovative solutions to demands for water.

We are committed to preventing pollution and any adverse consequences of our activities in pursuance of our customer’s demands and this is reflected in the training and promotion of environmentally-friendly policies to all employees and contractors.

Our environmental policy takes into account the potential impact of our activities and includes the minimum use of single-use plastics, hazardous materials (where practical), safe disposal of waste where re-cycling is not possible and other measures to reduce adverse consequences of our activities.

The move to hybrid vans, environmentally-considerate driver training, investment in up-to-date tools and equipment all reflect the commitment of the Company, its management team and shareholders to supporting more sustainable methods of working whilst continuing to meet the demands of customers.

 The Company’s full Environmental Policy can be seen upon application to the Company’s Head Office.


The development and maintenance of private water supplies requires a range of skills from those involved in this specialised industry sector. There is not a single qualification that determines whether a single employee has achieved proficiency as a Water Engineer as the range of skills needed can be very diverse which may include electrical knowledge, mechanical engineering capability, bore hole drilling, routine servicing or fault diagnosis.

TWP is committed to ensuring that every employee has the skills necessary to meet the needs of customers whatever is required and can safely use the wide range of equipment required to deliver an excellent service.

Employees are recruited with a basic level of competence and aptitude for the role of Water Engineer. During an extensive induction process which features training and development provided externally, “on-the-job” training from experienced Water Engineers, competence training in mechanised equipment and safety management, performance is reviewed and feedback is provided.

Safety remains the Company’s primary objective and where necessary remedial training is provided to ensure safety of all parties, maximise efficiency and to protect the integrity of the Company’s reputation.

Regular reviews are carried out by the Company’s management team to ensure that any training and development needs are addressed in a timely manner particularly if these have been initiated by employees working directly with our customers.

At T W Page and Son Ltd, we are committed to providing equal opportunities to all employees, job applicants, and clients. We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential elements of a thriving and successful workplace. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported, regardless of their background, age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Our Equal Opportunities Policy ensures that:

1.        Recruitment and Selection:  All recruitment and selection processes are conducted fairly and without bias. We evaluate candidates based on their skills, qualifications, and experience, seeking the best talent to join our team.

2.        Workplace Environment:  We foster a workplace culture that is free from discrimination, harassment, or victimization. Any incidents of inappropriate  behavior  are taken seriously and will be addressed promptly.

3.        Training and Development:  We provide training and development opportunities to all employees to help them realize their full potential, regardless of their background or current position.

4.        Promotion and Advancement:  Career progression is based on merit and performance, ensuring that all employees have an equal opportunity to advance within the organization.

5.        Pay and Benefits:  Our remuneration packages are designed to be fair and equitable, reflecting the value and contribution of  each individual's  work, irrespective of their personal characteristics.

6.        Flexible Working:  We strive to accommodate flexible working arrangements to promote work-life balance and cater to individual needs, within the framework of business requirements.

7.        Client Service:  We extend our commitment to equal opportunities to our clients, ensuring that they receive the same level of respect and service, irrespective of their background or requirements.

8.        Monitoring and Review:  We regularly monitor and review our policies and practices to ensure they remain inclusive and effective, making improvements where necessary.

9.        Compliance:  We comply with all relevant laws and regulations relating to equal opportunities and diversity.

We encourage all employees to actively support our commitment to equal opportunities and report any concerns or incidents that contradict our principles. Our aim is to foster an inclusive and diverse working environment that celebrates individuality and promotes a sense of belonging for everyone.

This Equal Opportunities Statement is an integral part of our company's ethos and is communicated to all employees, clients, and stakeholders through our website, internal communications, and training programs.

Health & Safety

T W Page and Son Ltd (the Company) accepts that the work carried out by its employees on behalf of its customers often requires activities that carry an element of risk. In order to mitigate this risk it is the policy of the Company to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all employees working for the Company and other persons who may be affected by our undertakings.

The Company will ensure a systematic approach to identifying hazards, assessing the risks, determining suitable and sufficient control measures and informing employees of the correct procedures needed to maintain a safe working environment.

Employees are made fully aware of a customer’s premises prior to work being carried out and will take all reasonably practicable steps to protect the safety and wellbeing of all third parties. These may include customers, their dependents and/or employees, any contractors working at the site, visitors, inspectors, etc. Our employees will ensure that they are fully compliant with any additional health and safety requirements of customers and should there be any contradiction in priorities, guidance will be sought from the Manager or such other responsible person as appropriate before work commences or resumes.

Customers’ premises will be respected and any interference will be the minimum amount possible in accordance with the work required to take place and will be agreed with the customer in advance. Once the work has been completed a photograph will be taken to ensure this has been completed with customer expectation. If the agreed work cannot be completed and our employees have to leave the premises it will be left in as safe a condition as possible as determined by our employee.

The Company’s full health and safety policy and procedures may inspected at any time by application to the Company’s Head Office.

Privacy Policy

TW Page and Son Ltd will hold all data in full accordance with the GDPR requirements of UK law.

Our Privacy Policy is available in full in the link in the footer below.