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Our Founder

Our History

Thomas Walter Page founded the company in 1933 and rented an old blacksmith’s premises in Old Catton, Norwich. Travelling all over Norfolk he used a mobile engine-driven plant to carry out welding repairs to traction engines, and also to source water supplies from hand driven Abyssinian tubed boreholes in the lower lying parts of the County.

Our Heritage

Starting in the 1940s & 50s

By the start of the Second World War he had a family of three children. His eldest daughter and his son are still involved in Company matters, as is his granddaughter. When the war ended there were great opportunities for increasing the productivity of farms which in turn meant that water was required in greater quantities, which created the need for water engineers. Shallow wells were often unable to cope with this demand and so the higher-yielding wells bored using percussion drilling rigs increasingly replaced them. Electricity was often unavailable in rural areas and this was overcome by installing engine-driven pump sets and wind pumps.

Fred Page

In the early 1960's, Frederick Page, the founder’s son and presently company Chairman, joined his father after National Service. Discussions with the relevant engineering union showed the way forward was to form a Limited Company. This would enable the new recruit to work on the tools to gain experience although he had been apprentice to a local electrical engineering manufacturer.

Terms of Business

All equipment remains the property of T W Page and Son Ltd until paid for in full. Terms are strictly 30 days from invoice date.